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Looking for a way to pay off her sizable student loan, Vanessa Terry worked as a notary and then started business training other notaries in early 2020. Notary2Notary’s online and in-person courses have taken off, allowing Vanessa, a first-generation immigrant from Costa Rica, to erase that debt and reach over 20,000 individuals looking to do the same. After pulling in $400,000 in revenue in 2020, Notary2Notary is on track to surpass $2 million in 2022.

Vanessa has spoken in multiple conferences across the US such as the:

  • Thinkific Think In Color Conference 2022
  • Sustainable Notary Conference in Virginia – 2022
  • National Notary Association Annual Conference – 2021
  • National Notary Association Annual Conference – 2022
  • National Notary Association Success Summit – 2022
  • Notary2Notary Training Conference – 2020
  • Notary2Notary Training Conference – 2021
  • Notary2Notary Training Conference – 2022
  • AYS Notary Training Conference Dallas Texas 2022

Other highlights:

  • Has trained over 30,000 students nationwide
  • Hosted over 300 plus live and in-person notary events

Vanessa is the founder of Notary2Notary, one of the leading Notary education and training platforms in the United States. After finding her own success as a Notary, she felt drawn to share her experience and financial know-how with others. Notary2Notary was founded with the mission to help budding entrepreneurs gain financial freedom.

In order to further her mission of educating notaries across the United States, Vanessa has published several education books, workbooks, and journals made available to her students online.

Books by Vanessa Terry
Vanessa Terry

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